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We specialize in medium-duty diesel trucks. We are knowledgeable with all aspects of diesel trucks.

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At Bledsoe Diesel & Performance, we are very experienced when it comes to your diesel pickup. From your dependable, daily driver to your high-performance pickup, we specialize in building Duramax, Cummins, and Power Stroke engines that never come from a warehouse. We take pride in our customer relationships. You can trust our attention to detail and perfectionist attitude which sets us apart from most diesel shops.


Call 806-771-1045 and ask for one of our diesel specialists today, and you will hear the difference when speaking to someone that really knows the mechanics of a diesel engine. Or, better yet, come by and visit us in person.

Bledsoe Diesel & Performance has been specializing in medium-duty diesel truck performance, and building our engines in-house. From the motor, transmission, and any accessory they make for a diesel, our expert team will transform your truck into your dream diesel pickup.


We have a lot of exciting products for all of your medium-duty diesel needs. If you're looking for better fuel mileage, performance, or accessories, it's best to choose the experts at Bledsoe Diesel & Performance.

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