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2018 GMC Denali Duramax

A daily work truck that is magazine worthy. The build was done in several stages and each time it seemed to get better. It is the perfect example of a custom truck can still be practical.

2018 Ram 3500 Dually

Color matched from end to end – This dually is a daily driver and a head turner. This Cummins came in for a full build and the end result was beautiful.

2024 Jeep Wrangler

A Jeep Wrangler that goes against the grain. This is a combination of the owner’s vision and our creative freedom. Some Jeep lovers might call it a “mall crawler” and others will leave a duck on the hood. Regardless this wrangler stands out on the road.

2012 RAM 3500 Dually

Coined as the “Tow Pig” and used as a beta truck for testing and learning, this truck has helped pave the way for our customers. Everything on it has changed three plus times but it was all for the benefit of you.

2004 RAM 3500

A sentimental truck that has been with the owner since high school. This build breathed life back into this Cummins. It was given it a pop of color and other subtle customizations like Caymen alligator inlays in the seats.

2020 GMC Denali Duramax

This truck came to us brand new looking to be set apart from other trucks driving off the lot. A perfect balance of color matched white and chrome to give your eye a line to follow from the font end to rear end.

2012 RAM 3500

This build started off as a set of custom headlights and then snow balled into a full color match transformation because the color was so pretty. A prime example of our customers not always having a specific vision when they come in.

2010 F-250

A truck that started off as an average work pickup. After suspension, wheels, tires, and a few other changes a good looking truck was born.

2017 RAM 2500

A complete show truck build and almost every inch customized. This truck was a process done in 4 stages – Illustrating your build does not have to be done all at once.

2018 Nissan Titan XD Cummin

A unique truck from the word go and was always guaranteed to start a conversation. Being color matched with chrome accents made this truck catch everyone’s eye and then leave them pondering because it was a Nissan, a Cummins, and a Platinum. This build was not over the top but still caused a buzz.

2016 GMC Denali Duramax

The full package. This is not only a looker on the outside but it is mean underneath the hood. This was a full build and not a single aspect was overlooked.