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Call 806-771-1045 and ask for one of our specialists today to speak to someone that knows all aspects of the diesel engine. Or, better yet, come by and visit us in person.

Maintenance is a key factor in the longevity and reliability of your vehicle and in turn directly affects your truck’s performance. We suggest our multi-point inspection to look over your truck as a whole and getting on a scheduled oil change maintenance plan with us.
We are an authorized Schaeffer’s Oil dealer and sell all of their products, ask us what we currently have in stock. We personally choose Schaeffer’s because we have field tested many name brand oils on our own pick-ups and Schaeffer’s performs the best. Although, this is our choice we offer a variety of oil options.
Performance does not just mean massive amounts of horsepower or speed. Small changes can be made to increase your every day truck’s performance. Such as cold air intakes, upgraded filters, turbos, injectors, etc to help your truck breathe easier and achieve peak performance. Even if its not a brand new vehicle, our experts can revamp the way your truck runs.
If you are looking to increase a specific measurement such as horsepower, torque, fuel mileage, speed, etc we can guide you in the necessary steps to achieve your wants.