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What is your scheduling procedure?

We work by chronological order of POs. Due to the uncertainty of the parts market, we are unable to schedule repair jobs for a set date.

What is the best brand of truck to buy?

A popular and fair question – We personally drive them all and can fix each of them. Pick ups have advanced so far today that it comes down to 1. What do you like the look of? & 2. Which one is the most comfortable to drive in your opinion?

How much do train horns cost?

Train horn kits vary depending on how loud you want them, the number of horns, the type of horns, the compressors, and the air tank. Do you like a deep tone or do you like an ear piercing high tone like a actual train? These range from $280 – $7,000.

How often should I change my fuel filters

We offer multi-point inspections and full maintenance packages. We suggest a multi-point inspection then being consistent with servicing your vehicle. Each case is different because everyone drives their truck differently but by being consistent we will be able to better estimate how often you need to change them. It is not foolproof but this will also likely catch preventable issues.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we understand that life happens and we offer several financing options to chose from. Click below to find out if you qualify.

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